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Brighter the Future|Ruifeng Intelligence “RF” and “VK” Brand Contribute to The 36th Popular Film Hundred F

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Brighter the Future

Back in 2013

The 29th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards was held in Wuhan

Nine years later

Wuhan has became a city to held Hundred Film Awards Ceremony

      Sixty years of audience voice, a hundred actors compete! On July 30, the 36th Popular Film Hundred Flowers Awards Ceremony and Red Carpet Ceremony were held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. With the theme of "Blooming Wuhan City, Light and Shadow Future", filmmakers, experts and scholars from all over the country, enthusiastic audiences, etc. gathered in Wuhan to welcome the Hundred Flowers Award and talk about the future of Chinese films.

      This ceremony was designed by the famous sound designer - Mr. Song Duoduo, and the sound director was Mr. Song Renyi. Ruifeng Intelligence technical team were in charge of system construction and guarantee, used GTS line array speakers as main sound reinforcement, M8 point sound source coaxial speaker, VK brand PT multi-function series speaker and peripheral equipment products.


Popular Film Awards  

      Founded in 1962, the Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award is the oldest and most far-reaching award in China's film industry, and "Hundred Flowers" embodies the literary and artistic policy of "a hundred flowers blooming and a hundred schools of thought contending". The Hundred Flowers Award mainly reflects the evaluation and preference of the general audience for movies, so it is known as the "audience award" of Chinese films.

      It is also known as the three Chinese film awards with the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award and the Chinese Film Huabiao Award. Together with the China Film Golden Rooster Awards, it is known as the China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.


Celebrity Red Carpet Area 

     The host of the closing ceremony and award ceremony of the 36th Hundred Flowers Award Award for Popular Film is Wu Gang, Deng Chao, Tong Liya, and Lan Yu, the host of the film channel.

       On this night of light and shadow surrounded by flowers, stars gather. Wu Jing, Zhang Yi, Zhu Yawen, and more than a hundred filmmakers gathered together to celebrate the grand event.


Single 15‘’Active Subwoofer combination

(6 groups of speakers cover the listening area)



   Main Venue Stage



Ruifeng Intelligence “RF”&”VK” Brand Sound Reinforcement

   Main Venue Stage

      This grand ceremony held in Wuhan Sport Center,which was totally five storey and the capacity of the stadium was 13 thousand. Designed for three-side auditorium large stage sound reinforcement system, so its sound field uniformity is a big challenge for system designing and debugging. It is necessary to show the real listening experience of movie clips playing back , but also to provide a shocking and powerful musical experience. To make sure the dialogue of the characters is clear and easy to understand, so each show blends the sound and visuals of each performance.

▲“RF” GTS312 Dual 12’’Line Array Loudspeaker

      The main expansion speakers in the rear area of the auditorium on the first floor and the audience area on the second, third and fourth floors used 16 pieces “RF” brand GTS312 dual 12’’ line array speakers, which can accurately cover each listening area and provide sufficient sound.

      Before the installation of line array speakers, Ruifeng Intelligence team carefully analyzed and stimulated the installation point, angle, sound field coverage through EASE Focus software in advance, providing basic data for on-site installation and debugging, and saving more time for construction and installation.

▲“RF”VK10 Single 10’’ Line Array Loudspeaker

     The main expansion speakers in the front area of the audience on the first floor: 6 pieces “RF” VK10 single 10’’ line array speakers and 4 pieces VK10SA single 18’’ active sub-low frequency speakers combination, compact cabinet design, very suitable for hiding on both sides of the stage screen. Reasonable arrangement greatly improved the uniformity of sound pressure level and accurate acoustic image positioning.

▲“RF” M8 Single 8’’ Coaxial Loudspeaker

      The fill sound speakers in the first floor VIP auditorium:4 pieces M8 point sound source coaxial speaker, it can complementary the sound for front area of the audience. M8 speaker has a characteristic of lightweight and flexible installation mode, which can reach hidden installation requirement.

▲“VK” Brand PT 12 Single 12’’ Full-range Loudspeaker

      The sides of auditorium fill sound speaker: 2 pieces VK brand PT12 (single 12’’ full-range speaker) to make sure each side of the auditorium can listen the uniformity sound; PT12 speakers adopt well-known European units, optimized design of the enclosure volume structure and characteristic of speaker units. To realize the minimum enclosure resonance and the best frequency response and provide delicacy and outstanding high frequency as well as clear and powerful low frequency dynamic energy.

▲“RF”TX6 Single 6’’ Full-range Loudspeaker

       Stage monitor speakers: Since the widest place can reach 34 meters and the depth can reach 25 meters, in order to allow singers and actors enjoy more delicacy, vivid and uniformity sound experience, we adopted 4 pieces TX6 (single 6’’ full-range speaker) of the front area of stage,which install on the ground bellow of the front area of the stage. Its mini enclosure can perfectly fusion in the occasion and supply sufficient sound energy as well.

      The rear area of stage : 8 pieces VK brand PT10 (single 10’’ full-range speaker) installed on the stage rack of the sides of the stage. Equipped with tailored speaker rack, its dispersion is 180 x 45, suitable for sound reinforcement of high specification large stage. Small speaker enclosure but with powerful sound, which provide a natural and real listening experience for the performers on the stage.  

▲VK Brand PT Multi-functional Loudspeaker 


   Celebrity Waiting Area


▲“RF” VI10 Active Full-range Loudspeaker

▲“RF” DM18 Digital Mixer

      Zhu Xijuan, Zhu Yilong, Li Wen, Tan Zhengyan, Rong Zuer, Chang Shilei, Li Yuchun, Guan Xiaotong, Li Zhiting, Huang Minghao, Xie Keyin, Zhang Bichen, Guo Xiaodong, Cheng Lisha, Chen Harin, Ren Xianqi, Zhang Jie, Zhang Lanxin, Zhang Yifan, Ding Guansen, Su Xiaotong, Zhuang Dafei, Zhou Shen, Li Xincao and other celebrities performed on stage with the program.

      In addition to the on-site selection of awards, the award ceremony also prepared a series of representative programs around the popular film Hundred Flowers Award Awards. Classical film songs such as "Yingshan Hong", "Why Are Flowers So Red", "Ronghua", "Honghu Water Waves Beat the Waves", "My Motherland" and so on were performed on the scene. Zhu Xijuan, the first winner of the Hundred Flowers Award Award for mass film and a famous performing artist, and Zhu Yilong, the image ambassador and young actor of the Hundred Flowers Award Award for mass film, also thanked the audience and the times through recitation.


Sound Reinforcement Security Team

▲Sound design: Mr.Song Duoduo

▲Sound Director:Mr.Song Renyi

      The 36th Popular Film Hundred Flowers Awards Ceremony ended successfully. Mr. Song Duoduo and Mr. Song Renyi together with members of Ruifeng Intelligence technical department provided a strong guarantee for the ceremony with a high degree of professionalism and strict working attitude. Working together and working together perfectly, a clean, uniformity, multi-dimensional listening experience space was shown.