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Audiovisual Intelligent Control Platform For The Convergence Media

Audiovisual Intelligent Control Platform For The Convergence Media

  • Product power consumption: 30W-360W
  • Input power supply: 110-230V AC
  • Working temperature: -10℃-85℃
  • Working humidity: 85%RH
  • Overall dimension(W×H×D): 483mm*140mm*306mm

►Through the modular design of a rack type 3U box, the product integrates the audio module, video splicing switching module, network central control module, and expandable distributed KVM seat collaboration module. ►Dual power supply interface is adopted to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

►The front panel of the device is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen display.

►The network coding function is supported to control the network devices. At the same time, TCP and UDP protocols are supported.

►In software, both C language programming and Chinese language programming that mimics human thinking are supported.

►Wireless remote control is supported; Compatible with Windows and Android systems.


Technical specifications of the central control module:

1. The infrared learning button information can be displayed on the IR display screen of the front panel; Up to 99 infrared learning button information can be stored.

2. 1GHz high-speed processor, 512M memory, 512M Flash storage.

3. 8 RS232/RS485 protocol interfaces, 8 weak relay interfaces; 8 infrared IR interfaces; 4 I/O interfaces, 1 USB debugging interface.

4. Network interface: 2 POE network interfaces, 1 main network interface, TCP/UDP control protocol supported.

5. Interactive control LANDMX1024 network interface with lighting control function.

6.Built-in Linux system; Telnet function; The function of remotely viewing device status and debugging through IPV4 and IPV6 protocol network interfaces supported; System setting function.

Technical specifications for the audio module:

1. 12-channel balanced microphone/line input port, 12-channel balanced output port, 1-channel RS232 interface, 1-channel RS485 interface, 1-channel USB interface (supporting recording and playback functions), 1-channel network control interface (supporting TCP/UDP control protocol), 8-channel user-defined input/ output GPIO programmable control interface, which can be used for fire linkage control.

2. Built-in feedback suppressor, noise gate, echo canceller (AEC), automatic mixer, router, input channel with 100Hz low cut, mute, phase, phantom power, pink noise, white noise, sine wave generator, voltage limiter, 31 segment graphic equalizer, automatic gain; The output channel includes a delay device, a frequency divider, a 10-segment parametric equalizer, and a limiter.

3. The functions of the preset, saving and loading of 99 scenes, as well as the memory function of automatic protection after power failure are supported.

4. Wireless remote control function; Built-in webpage control function, enabling devices to be operated on platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS; The preset IP webpage in the login interface enables the functions of channel control, scenario call, and software installation of the device to be realized.

5. 24bit/48KHz sampling frequency, high-performance A/D D/A converter, and 32-bit floating point DSP processor.

6. Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (± 0.5dB).

7. Dynamic range:120 dB.

8. Phantom power supply:+48V.

Technical specifications of the video module:

1. Processing and analysis of UltraHD video images; Dynamic noise reduction; The visual distributed architecture enables the seamless switching of the video signals from the devices through the tablet computer, computer and touch screen integrated machine; The windowing, zooming, cross screen, and overlay roaming functions of the screen are supported.

2.The control and splicing functions of LCD/specific LED large screen are supported.

3. 4-channel HDMI video input interface.

4. 4-channel HDMI video output interface;

5. 2- channel RJ45 network interface.

6. 2- channel 3.5 audio input interface; 2- channel 3.5 audio output interface.

7. 8 signal indicators.




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