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Dual 10” Three-way Tri-amp Coaxial Line Array Speaker

Main sound amplification in theatres, concert halls, banquet halls, churches, multi-functional halls, touring performances, sports stadiums and outdoor large squares

  • System type:Dual 10” Three-way Tri-amp Coaxial Line Array Speaker
  • Frequency response:75Hz~19kHz(±3dB)/65Hz~19kHz(-10dB)
  • Sensitivity(1W/1m):HF:112dB/MF:109dB/LF:102dB
  • Nominal Impedance:HF:16Ω/MF:16Ω/LF:16Ω
  • Power rating(AES):HF:80W/ MF:110W/LF:600W
  • HF:1×2.56” neodymium (65mm voice coil)
  • MF:1×4” neodymium (100mm voice coil)
  • LF:2×10” neodymium (65mm voice coil)
  • Dispersion(H×V):90º ×10º
  • SPL(continuous/peak):HI:131dB/137dB,MF:129dB/135dB,LF:129dB/135dB
  • Connectors:HF:1+2-/MF:3+4-/LF:5+6-
  • Dimension(H×W×D):328.4×736×435mm
  • Weight:32.7kg

►GTS310 is a dual 10-inch three-way tri-amp compact line array loudspeaker. The enclosure adopts a new coaxial structure design. It is composed of a coaxial unit structure consisting of 2.56 "neodymium tweeter and 4" neodymium MF unit. With planar waveguide horn, it has 90° horizontal and 10° vertical linear acoustic wavefront, to accurately project the covered area;The low frequency part is composed of two 10-inch units, with the middle and high coaxial units as the center axis core of the wave front,the left and right horizontal symmetrical structure is designed to ensure the low frequency has a tight tone and strong impact.

►The surface adopts polyurea spraying process, which is stronger and wear-resistant. Configuration of three-point rigging kit and 4 handles, make the handling and construction simple and convenient; Designed to provide high definition solutions for large fixed installations and large touring sound reinforcement system. 

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